Yearbooks & Memorabilia

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Amherst Alma Mater


Class of 1970 graduation program June 21, 1970 • Kleinhan's Music Hall
       Note the letter of congratulations from Richard Nixon!!! 

1967 Polaris (9th grade class only; 5.9 MB)
       The meat on the wall in home ec class is particularly amusing. (p. 19, middle photo)

1968 Tower (10th grade class only; 4.7 MB)

1969 Tower (11th grade class only; 3.4 MB)

1970 Tower (senior class only; 8.5 MB)

1967 Triad (9th grade submissions only)

1970 Triad (12th grade submissions only)

Junior Journals — Courtesy of the Gail Engasser Park Archives

March 1966 (11.3 MB)

May 1966 (6.2 MB)

November 1966 (12.3 MB)

March 1967 (12.3 MB)

June 1967 (9.2 MB)

Sports & Other Misc. Clippings, 1968–1969 — Courtesy of the Gail Engasser Park Archive

Tatler (12.7 MB)

Amherst Bee (17.3 MB)

Buffalo Evening News (6.7 MB)

Buffalo Courrier Express (1.7 MB)

Misc. Amusements — Courtesy of the Ellen Ehrenreich Barker & Gail Engasser Park Archives

Annual Fall Choral Concert program November 3, 1967

14th Annual Niagara Frontier Teenage Safety Conference  December 14, 1968
       Note the ACHS co-chairman and group discussion participants! The last page is the "outcome" of Group 5: Teenagers and the Family Car" by Ellen Ehrenreich. A classic!

Betty Crocker Search for the American Homemaker of Tomorrow Knowledge and Attitude Test ©1968
       Too bad it didn't come with the answers!

Program from the musical "Hair" Royal Alexandria Theatre (Toronto) April 4, 1970

Eggert Road Elementary 4th Grade Play 1962