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01/06/10 02:29 PM #1    

Ellen Ehrenreich (Barker)

Welcome to the Amherst Central High School Class Of 1970 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

01/31/10 10:37 AM #2    

William Gary Iannaccone

Thanks Ellen this is a great site ~!~

02/07/10 10:06 AM #3    

Maureen Rook

Ellen this site is great. Always passing the word about our reunion. Cannot wait to see people.

03/14/10 11:14 AM #4    

Dorothy E. Curran

Oh, my...Just scrolling down the list of names here brings back SO many memories...I have not yet made it to an ACHS Reunion, but am planning to make this one and am very excited about it. My PC/laptop was fried in yesterday's big wind/electrical storm, and I am writing this from my office, where the electric & internet ARE working, but I will do more Profile updates soon, and am looking forward to reading everyone else's BEFORE Reunion because--if college Reunions are any indication--there just NEVER is enough time to see & talk & catch up adequately with everyone.

04/14/10 03:07 PM #5    

Douglas Levy

Hope you'll consider joining the "I Grew Up in Amherst, NY" Facebook group site that is buzzing with activity and has gained over 800 new members in recent months. Folks who grew up anywhere in the Town of Amherst are very welcome. Many alumni of Amherst schools are having a great time there, reminiscing and sharing stories that bring back wonderful (and sometimes surprising) memories. And they also frequently post fascinating Amherst photos, tape recordings, and other memorabilia. You're welcome to come visit and enjoy it!

04/21/10 03:21 PM #6    

Rebecca McNeill (Doherty)

 This is fun-not sure yet if I will make it to the reunion or not- never have yet- but this is great reading what people that I remember are up to.  40 years-really?????  What  different high school experience we had than today's kids!  Julie Stillman- where in Vermont are you?  I am in Elmore, near Stowe

04/22/10 03:54 PM #7    

Marianna DeLong (Beigel)

 Hey Everyone! Having a lot of fun catching up and checking things out. It's scary how it just seems like yesterday.  I made it to the 20th reunion and two years later had another baby, so while anticipating my fortieth reunion we are also planning for our youngest's high school graduation!! It feels very strange. Anybody else out there experiencing deja vu all over again?

08/22/10 12:21 PM #8    

Sally Delphard

Sally Delphard.....Hi everyone although I cannot make the reunion at the Park I will be going to Brunners on friday night to see if I remember anyone ...Hope I can remember some of you if you are there....take care and see you there....

12/18/11 12:12 AM #9    

Eric Scigliano

Hey, all--Apropos of nothing in particular, you might find this feature on the Atlantic Cities site interesting: "Buffalo, Then and Now," contrasting sections of a 1902 pictorial map with current aerial photos.

"We see a city that demonstrates some of the best and worst aspects of American urbanism."

Hope all's well --Eric


07/24/13 08:22 AM #10    

Marilyn Rohl

Goood Morning Classmates - Marilyn Rohl here with an invitation from the class of '68.  They are celebrating their 45th reuniuon this coming weekend and have invited us to join them at Brunner's on Friday night.  Here are the details:


Fri 7/26  8pm-?  Brunner's  Who? The classes of '66, '68, '69 and '70


If you're in town - stop on by and join '68 in celebrating their 45th.  Hey - we're not that far behind them! 


Want details?  Go to and click on Reunions 2013.

Thank you class of '68 for the invitation!  It should be a fun blast from the past!


Hope to see you there!



11/06/19 02:24 PM #11    

Gayle Ablove

I still miss Bonnie, too. She was in my homeroom in 7th grade. I still marvel at how she knew so few of us before then yet she touched so many us so much with the way she gently reached out each person that we elected her 7th grade class president.  As Mary Cohn said in her in memoriam post about Bonnie, we all wanted to be her.  She was 25 when she died and I didn't get over her death until I became friends with late stepbrother five years later and could talk it out. Bonnie and I were in Mr. Olczak's Latin class together and she signed one of my yearbooks with 'Bona fortuna' which means good luck in Latin. I forgot what a good pianist she was! Glenn, thanks for bringing this up  

12/04/22 04:36 PM #12    

Gayle Ablove

So sorry to see that Jann Pawlewski passed away on Sept. 26, 2022. 

12/05/22 02:48 PM #13    

Beth Mitchell (DeMartino)

I was saddened to learn that Jann Pawlowski passed away.  I remember her from art class and always thought of her as such a nice person.  May her loved ones find comfort in her remembrances.  God bless her.

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