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Profile Updated: July 22, 2015
Residing In: Cheektowaga, NY USA
Spouse/Partner: China Moon
Occupation: Investigator,Litigator,Journalist, Movie Producer and...
Employer Retired~ Self Employed
Kids/Grandkids: My son, Wm. Sol Iannaccone, July 29, 1971 - Oct 16, 2012 (picture below)

Mr Green

Favorite teacher

All time favorite ~!~ Ms Gayett 6th Grade Windermere Blvd. 1964. Wrote about Ms Gayett in the first chapter of my autobiography (quoted below)

"In 6th grade, I once found a note in my desk. I sat in the back row, by the windows: a widow seat, for me, was a must, like the back seat of a bus. It was addressed “Dear Fidel, I Love You,” signed 'Your Anonymous Admirer.' As I stood there starring one of the two cutest blondes to grace Windermere Boulevard Elementary walked up and stood by my side, leaning back against the counter sill, grinning from ear to ear, arms stretched at her side.

'Dear Fiddle?' I marveled out loud, 'Who’s Fiddle?' I thought my 'Anonymous Admirer' had spelled 'Fiddle' wrong. 'You don’t know who Fidel is?' Gale Hazlett said, stunned, white and blue walleyed. 'No, I don’t,' I reposted. She threw me a moue, flicked her shoulder straddled blonde hair to one side, flounced on a dime and with her haunches...waved me a goodbye.

Looking back, I guess, international politics was something not much discussed at my dinner table.

My favorite subject was science. I’d spend most of my time, on my own, reading up on my latest captives in a jar. My vocabulary was quite good when it came to natural phenomena, especially the genre of insects, reptiles and amphibians. Mrs. Gayett, my 6th grade teacher, wrote on my Final Progress Report in 1964, 'Science- Fine interest. A good area for future work.' And signed off:
'Oh, Gary, oh- I hate to see you go (by years end, I got her to sing reprimands rather than scold and I’d sing back). You are the ‘most’ where fun is concerned, but you have lots of ability and I hope you make a mark for yourself. I enjoyed having you in 6th grade, and I’ll surely miss your nonsense, so come back often to see me, ‘Luv,’ ‘Gee Gee,’ ‘Grandmew.’

Mrs. Gayett and I once did the jitterbug together in my dining room. Gail Hazlett was there, along with Betty G. and Eddie Suzow, my other friends from class. It’s all on film.

What’s your favorite memory of ACHS?

Lots of fun memories~!~ One of my favorites was being in a movie made by classmates in the experimental Communication Class with Holly and I running towards each other ready to embrace only to find out when we meet she's not there ~!~

Least favorite memory

Getting booted from school and immediately going out to the flag pole and yelling at the top of my lungs "F**k You Jake!!!
It was that same afternoon that Jake called me to apologize and inform me I could return to school if I promised to be on my best behavior. Go figure ~!~

What did you want to do or think you were going to do when you finished high school?

Left for San Francisco to attend the The Academy of Art College during the summer of 1972 to be a sculptor after being inspired by Dr Lolli's sculpture class.
Also, while in S.F. I attended the California Institute of Integral Studies where I studied under Dr. Haridas Chauduri the former chair of the Philosophy Department of Krishnagar College in Bengal. Dr Chauduri was recommended by Indian yogi Sri Aurobindo to set up the new academy of integral yoga upon the invitation of Professor Frederick Spiegelberg to join him and Alan Watts in S.F.


Did you ever skip school?

All the time ~!~ Left for the entire 67/68 year after being subjected to psychological torture as part of the CIA's Mk-Ultra behavioral science drug project as my father was before me.
My father a WWII Vet got the worst of it though. He was given psycho-active drugs secretly in his food in the mid 1950's while confined to the Canandaigua VA hospital. In the late 1950's he was given such severe electro-shocks that he lost his ability to speak coherently (left hemisphere brian damage). He did retain his ability to sing & swear however (right side ok) and we often played duets together- me on the accordian and he on guitar.
For more of this story see my blog "Buffalo's Unraveling Nexus of OC, CIA, FBI and Nazi-type Experimenters" @ https://www.facebook.com/notes/william-g...riments/124410026040

Biggest thing you would do differently if you went back to your time at ACHS?

Honestly, I don't think I'd change a thing ~!~ Those were the days ~!~

Where else have you lived?

San Francisco, in the Haight, as described in my autobiography

"...At first you see, all was real swell in the bright jewel of a city by the Bay. First stop was the St. Charles Hotel. A chaffed citified earthen brick building, managed by a pair of sari-clad maidens giggling down dim corridors: kitty- corner to Chinatown. Arching gates of black spear tipped wrought iron graced the entrance to the town within a town. The night came alive as pulsating neon magenta beamed "St. Charles Hotel" down on twin lions, beckoning patrons to the Asian revelry. We dazzled our way adrift in a continuum of vibrant multifaceted illuminations; odoriferous exotic delights: spellbound by a cacophony of high pitched chimes ethereally vibrantly clinking in the San Franciscan wind.

After weeks of celebrating our new found life we settled in a Victorian maisonette on Masonic Street a few doors down from the Haight. Around the corner the Buena Vista Park spiraled up to its peak in Eucalyptus enthralled pathways piercing the sagacious clouds sanctifying the city.

From East to West down Haight Street past shuttered hippie shops galore, plastered over in ray-eye haloed mahatmas the mighty Golden Gate Park embraced multitudes of frolicking festive goers; black flautists; congo bongo sambas; blonde rainbow tribesman; long silver beard wise men; joyous children cart wheeling down green rolling hills.

The panhandle stuck out like a hitch hiker's thumb where the Grateful Dead put on many of good free shows. I once jumped up twisting high like a heliocopter in the sky as we all swirled dervishly to the music like angels dancing on the tip of pin.

Debbie and I often took refuge at our favorite spot in the park nestled away down the dirt path around the cove to the edge of the silver golden glistening pond to swan down a bottle of Matuse while nibbling on a round of Gouda. Humming birds whizzing by… stopping… mid air… wings-a-blurrr… seducing nectar from tall slender reed blossoms: A vibrant glimmering rainbow of fluorescent scarlet red to shimmering emerald green armor etching out the warm daylight like a miraculous dream on God's easel.

Famous or interesting people you've met?

My father, son and close friends are the best people in the world!

What did you always want to do that you haven’t done yet?

Make an international comedy movie to bring peace on Earth ~!~ This movie will be based on my true life story and feature my "Hypothesis of the Secret Agenda of Mk-Ultra" as described on the pinned post of my FB group page The MkUltra Committee" linked here

You're welcome to join ~!~

What would we be surprised to know about you?

I'm a second generation Mk-Ultra survivor who uses my unique inside perspective to uncover and document the evidence to prove Mk-Ultra was a covert social engineering cold war project that promoted psychedelics for a spiritual awakening (only to be sidelined by more conventional spiritual belief systems).

Thus, Mk-Ultra influenced our entire generaton making us all surviviors ~!~

For a brief introduction to my Hypothesis please see "Mk-Ultra Survivor Finds Missing Link Proves CIA Caused Drug Crisis" @

Also, I took one of my cases to the US Supreme Court, after winning over 100K to be the first pro se in U.S. History to get compensated for my legal work as the prevailing party against a government agency by overturning Kay v. Ehrler, 499 U.S. 432 (1991).

Please see my Petition for Writ of Certiorari File # 01-191

I'm now finalizing/negotiating the recovery of a one million investment of U.S. Savings Bonds (six million w/interest) derived from my father's federal VA Disability payments made since 1945 which were embezzled/laundered by my Uncle Joe and cousin Phil Napoli in 1972 who were members of the Buffalo Sicilian Mafia and invested in Samuel's Grande Manor in 1978

For a summary of my story in pictures with short captions please see "My Family's Secret History" Please read from top right for proper chronology.


For complete details to the money trail please see "Evidence for Million Dollar Recovery of Embezzled/Laudered US Savings Bonds" at:


The million dollars was invested in Samuel's Grande Manor in 1978 @ http://www.SamuelsGrandeManor.com

As a member of the National Lawyers Guild I reinitiated the UB Law Students/Buffalo Chapter. Please visit our FB group and please join as a friend of our group ~!~ Thank you very much ~!~

My investigations involving the use of my father and myself for biological/psychological experiments are posted at my FB page "Sol Investigations and Video Documentaries"

You're more than welcome to join ~!~

Finally, to best tell my story I'm an all round legal prankster, journalist, documentary/emergent movie maker.

Anything else?

Thanks for being here ~!~

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Sorry to hear about Susan~ Will always remember her athletic talents and cheerful bright smile~ My condolences to her friends and family ~!~

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Norman Foster was a great coach! Wrestling Club Freshmen Class from Polaris 1966
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Mr Green & Mr Boa's Homeroom. Freshmen class from Polaris 1966
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In Loving Memory of my Son Sol ~!~
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In Loving Memory of my Son Sol ~!~
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Mr Green & Mr Boa's Homeroom. Freshmen class from Polaris 1966
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Norman Foster was a great coach! Wrestling Club Freshmen Class from Polaris 1966
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Windermere Blvd Grade One
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Windermere Blvd Grade Two
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William Gary Iannaccone

Short Documentary of my father's story as WWII Vet used for LSD & Electroshock Torture Experiments during the mid 1950's
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William Gary Iannaccone

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William Gary Iannaccone

In Loving Memory of my Son Sol ~!~
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William Gary Iannaccone

My father doing an imitation of Charlie Chaplin around 1950 on the grounds of the Canandaigua VA Hospital where he was involuntarily confined from 1948 to 1966